Dear colleagues,


We have now held three of our four regional forums for both clergy and principals as part of the gathering phase of consultation. These meetings have not been focused on decision-making, but a search for issues and concerns that begin to frame the work of the Steering Committee. As a Catholic community, we need to be informed and engaged for a change of governance of this scale to be authentic.



The chart of recurrent words at the end of the update gives some indication of the topics of concern. The question threads provide the trending themes, giving a sense of ‘the who, where, when and how’. Themes arising so far relate to the following areas:

  • Catholic identity – role of the parish, honouring their commitment and ‘investment’
  • governance – structure of the company, board, advisory committees
  • pastoral leadership – role of the priest, and key relationships with principals and school communities
  • land – ownership and use
  • employment transition – will affect principals and all staff, including Catholic Education Melbourne
  • subsidiarity and solidarity – getting the balance right.


The Steering Committee will be responsible for developing and overseeing the implementation of an incorporated school governance structure for the Catholic primary, and regional and diocesan secondary schools in the Archdiocese of Melbourne. The Steering Committee will always be guided by the mission of Catholic education and will seek to maintain the highest standards of Catholic education provision.


Once the initial consultation phase is complete, the Steering Committee will launch the Governance website, where the questions posed and responses provided will be collated into themes and made available.


The opportunity to ask questions and make comments will be a constant feature of the governance change process and you can contribute at any time by emailing


Jim Miles
Acting Executive Director