Dear Colleagues,

Since our last meeting, the Steering Committee has worked through the responses from last year’s 12 consultation events and identified seven threshold issues. The first four of these issues are foundational and require stakeholder engagement. For ease of access, a discussion paper has been developed for each of the four foundational threshold issues.

Discussion papers:

  • Threshold Issue 1: Catholicity
  • Threshold Issue 2: Governance, Management and Leadership
  • Threshold Issue 3: Incorporation
  • Threshold Issue 4: Transfer of Assets and Liabilities.

The remaining three issues are operational and, as such, can be supported in their execution through the services of a project management office (PMO).

At the School Governors and Principals Briefing on Thursday 20 February, information was provided about the process for key stakeholders to engage with the threshold issues. The presentation is available on the Melbourne Governance website under Resources / Key Documents.

We will maximise the benefit from our March sessions if participants find a moment to engage with the discussion papers before they attend. These papers can be accessed from the ‘March consultation’ page of the website.

You are also welcome to comment on the papers prior to the sessions through the feedback form at: Your responses will be collated and presented via a ‘gallery walk’ at the venue of each meeting for all to see.

The Steering Committee will develop a position paper on the basis of the feedback provided during the March sessions. A further opportunity will then be provided in April to give feedback on the positions that have been proposed in this paper.

A reminder that details and registration for the March sessions can be found at:

The Governance website provides information and is a site of input and dialogue that enables appropriate and current communication, as requested by stakeholders. As always, if you wish to provide additional feedback, please fill out a contact form on the site, or email

The Steering Committee