Dear Colleagues,

In these trying times, we were most fortunate to undertake the March consultation round before public gatherings were no longer possible. We are currently forming alternative strategies to ensure that stakeholder engagement continues to be a centrepiece of our approach as we develop the model further.

The Steering Committee is committed to ensuring that the project keeps moving forward according to our terms of reference, which are available at:

March consultations created foundation for Position Paper
The feedback provided by clergy and principals in attendance at the four regional consultation sessions in March has been very rich, and is informing the development of a Position Paper which will outline key features of the governance model that is being proposed. We plan to circulate the Position Paper to clergy and principals for comment and feedback in late May, before finalising the recommendations for consideration by Archbishop Peter in June.

Position Paper timeline
Once the key features of the model have been approved, a large body of work will then unfold later in the year as policies, protocols, memoranda of understanding and documents of delegations are developed in partnership with parish and school communities.

The Governance website provides information, and is a site of input and dialogue that enables appropriate and current communication, as requested by stakeholders. As always, if you wish to provide additional feedback, please fill out a contact form on the site, or email

The Steering Committee