Dear Colleagues,

Position Paper progress

Work has continued in earnest on the development of the new governance model throughout the weeks of lockdown due to COVID-19. The Position Paper has been further refined by the Steering Committee in consultation with experts and through ongoing stakeholder engagement. In addition, a detailed implementation plan is well underway.

The final Position Paper will be presented to the Steering Committee on 16 June for approval, having taken in feedback from civil and canon law experts, and clergy and principals across the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne.

A final opportunity for feedback in relation to the draft Position Paper will be provided when it is published via a link in the next Governance Update, due to be distributed in a couple of weeks. Clear recommendations about key features of the company will be included in the Position Paper, along with suggestions about how various local operating models might be shaped at the local level in regard to a school’s operations.

Reference groups

Vital to the success of the next stage is the establishment of reference groups from the clergy, primary principals and secondary principals who will provide feedback for the Steering Committee as it finalises the Position Paper. Once the key features of the model articulated in the Position Paper have been approved, it will be possible for us to move into the next phase of the process where a Charter articulating key relationships at the local level is developed, along with other instruments such as the Authorities and Delegations schedule, and a range of agreements that will be necessary as the model is implemented.

The Steering Committee is committed to the principles of transparency, accountability, consultation and participation, and we will continue to engage strongly with stakeholders as the Position Paper is finalised and we move into the next stage of the process.

The Governance website provides information and is a site of input and dialogue that enables appropriate and current communication with you as stakeholders. As always, if you wish to provide feedback, please fill out a contact form on the site, or email

The Steering Committee