Dear Colleagues,

Steering Committee update

Throughout the challenging COVID-19 crisis, the Steering Committee has continued to meet virtually and has been focused on a significant number of issues, namely:

  • finalising key elements of the governance model
  • finalising a draft constitution for the company
  • monitoring detailed updates from the project management office in respect of the overall plan
  • delineating the roles and relationships that safeguard fidelity to mission
  • engaging on authorities and delegations
  • defining the right to use of land and buildings.

Position Paper

A Position Paper summarising the progress made on a range of these issues is available on the Governance website under Resources / Position Paper.

This Position Paper reflects the challenges and opportunities that exist for the governance and management of Catholic education in the Archdiocese as it seeks to respond creatively to these demands. The paper recognises the wonderful contribution of parish priests and parishes to the flourishing education system that works with over 20% of Victoria’s school-aged children and their families, and the critical role that parish priests will continue to play in our schools.

While its 10 recommendations provide a level of clarity about the establishment of a company to manage and operate schools in the Archdiocese, it also identifies a number of additional deliverables that need to be developed and engagement that needs to occur to support the change that needs to be made.

There is now an opportunity to give feedback on the Position Paper. This will be available from 22 June to 6 July via the form at the following link: Position Paper Feedback.

The Governance website provides information and is a site of input and dialogue that enables appropriate and current communication, as requested by stakeholders. As always, if you wish to provide additional feedback, please fill out a contact form on the site, or email

The Steering Committee