Dear Colleagues

We write to thank you for the support you are already providing as the request for information (RFI) process is being undertaken. Your time and effort are appreciated deeply at this time when you have so many other demands being placed on you. We are making contact to provide further information about two agreements that parish priests (of parish schools) and canonical administrators (of regional colleges) are currently completing. A section in one of the agreements describes how parish land and buildings are used by the school, and we are asking principals and parish priests/canonical administrators to meet and complete this section together.

The two agreements currently being completed by parish priests or canonical administrators are the School Transition Agreement (STA) and the Right to Use Land and Buildings Agreement (RULBA). Each parish priest has been asked to meet with their principal to discuss these agreements, especially the section that relates to the common spaces that are used by the school and wider parish. We realise that most secondary colleges and some parish primary schools are on separate sites and do not have shared facilities or land and, in those instances, this section of the RULBA will not need to be completed.

For schools that do have land or buildings that are shared with the wider parish, it is recommended that the principal provide the current school site plan as the basis for the discussion. The intention is that the RULBA will document the current use of land and buildings. The Governance Secretariat stands ready to organise support during this process if it is required.

Resources and support

The transition is an important and complex process. Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the following topics can be found on the Governance website via the links below:

With thanks once again for all the support that you are offering to us in this governance transition process.

As always, if you wish to provide additional feedback, please fill out a contact form on the site or email

The Steering Committee