School Advisory Council fast facts

290 School Advisory Councils

With 1,500 Council Members

In 232 Parishes

With 112,000 Students

School Advisory Councils are advisory bodies which form an important expression of the educational partnership that exists between parents, schools, parishes and the wider community to support all students. This is reflected in the ex officio membership of both the principal and the parish priest on the council.

School Advisory Councils ensure that, at the local level, Catholic schools will remain ‘actively embedded in the life of the faith communities of the local Church, which in turn is tangibly manifest in the life of each school’ (Statement of Mission).

The Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools (MACS) board, as the governing body of MACS schools, has developed a policy concerning the establishment of a School Advisory Council for each school and its arrangements, which arises from the Statement of Mission in the MACS Constitution. This has been done through the provision of:

  • Working Together in Mission – a charter for parishes and schools in the Archdiocese of Melbourne
  • Terms of Reference – a template for each school to modify for local context to establish and operationalise the council
  • MACS board-approved Manual for School Advisory Councils – a document that outlines MACS’ expectations of the School Advisory Council and includes those policies that impact the activities of the council. It will be provided to all members of each School Advisory Council as part of their induction.

These documents lay the foundation for the functions the School Advisory Councils will undertake as part of the broader governance framework of MACS by contributing to: school review, school master plan, receipt of reports, and principal appointment and review.

All of these documents are located on the Resources page.

If you require more information about School Advisory Councils, please refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQs).