Our journey together 

As Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools (MACS) takes the first steps to establish a School Advisory Council in each school, we recognise that this begins a process that will take up to 12 months in some communities and is just another step in the continuing 200-year journey of Catholic education in Melbourne.

The School Advisory Council provides each school community with a critical forum for parents and the wider parish to which the school belongs or, in the case of regional colleges, the association of parishes that established the school. 

Priests and principals play a crucial role in establishing and nurturing School Advisory Councils so that they actively embed the life of the local Church in the life of each school (Statement of Mission).

This will be quite a journey and their role is vital, given the unique context that each school community presents and the particular configuration of Catholic schools in each parish. Principals and priests are invited to work together to mark out the milestones that are appropriate for the community they lead. 

The MACS office will assist with this work and, in the future, develop tailored programs and services to support this essential work in each MACS school.