Stakeholder Engagement

It is essential that all stakeholders are fully and authentically involved in the setting of the delegations, as their calibration will most directly shape the way the governance arrangements are experienced in schools.

The rules, systems and processes will need to be set within a framework of relationships, mission, vision, values and culture, and these too will need to be grounded in vocation, prayer and discernment.

As always if you wish to provide additional feedback, please fill out a contact form.


This website and the initial forums are the crucial first steps in widening the dialogue and assisting a change process that is transparent, respectful and effective.

Next steps will involve the development of shared forums, focus groups and working parties so that stakeholders can gather to share knowledge and shape the governance arrangements. These three key elements of consultation are scheduled to take place in Term 1, 2020.

  • Regionally‐based shared forums will have a parish priest and principal selected to lead a consultative panel for each session.
  • Focus groups will gather stakeholder groups for a deep dive into their particular concerns.
  • Working parties will be established by the Steering Committee to attend to specific areas of concern and establish determine the delegations, responsibilities, roles and procedures associated with the hallmarks of effective governance: transparency, accountability, consultation and participation.



Stakeholder groups have met on the dates outlined below.


4 October  The clergy of the Archdiocese of Melbourne

8 October — School governors and principals briefing

22 October  Northern Regional Priest Governance Forum

25 October CEM Staff Seminar

29 October  Southern Regional Priest Governance Forum

30 October — Steering Committee announced with representatives from priests, parents, principals, CEM and CAM


7 November  Eastern Regional Priest Governance Forum

11 November  Principal Regional Governance Forum Northern Region

13 November  Principal Regional Governance Forum Southern and Eastern Region

19 November — Steering Committee meeting 1

20 November  Western Regional Priest Governance Forum

28 November  Principal Regional Governance Forum Western Region


4 February — Steering Committee meeting 2

7 February — CEM Staff Seminar

20 February — School Governors and Principals

24 February — Discussion Papers published and Online feedback form is disseminated


5 March — Steering Committee meeting 3

5‐13 March — Four Regional Consultation sessions are conducted with Clergy and Principals

18‐19 March — Focus groups develop Position Paper Brief

27 March — First round of workshops for each of the ‘functional’ streams of the Governance project completed


April — Workstreams continue to meet

8 April — Steering Committee meeting 4

9-30 April — Secretariat develop Draft 2 of Position Paper


6 May — Steering Committee meeting 5

7-11 May — Secretariat develop Draft 3 of Position Paper

12-19 May — Archbishop and other stakeholders consider Draft 3 of Position Paper

20-22 May — Secretariat develop Draft 4 of Position Paper

26 May — Additional Steering Committee meeting 6

27-29 May — Secretariat develop Draft 5 of Position Paper

29 May — Draft 5 of Position Paper published for feedback


9 June — Draft 5 feedback closes

10-12 June — Secretariat develop Draft 6 of Position Paper

16 June — Steering Committee meeting 7

18 June — Final Position Paper presented to the Archbishop for approval

Feedback so far …

Apart from understandable questions about mechanics and the nature of the change, initial sessions have revealed:

  • concerns around the roles of principal and priest 
  • a focus on Catholic identity 
  • a strong sense of preserving the strengths of the current system
  • anxiety around the implications of board governance.

Below are some of the trends as seen in word clouds, a data aggregate tool that reveals the strength and recurrence of word patterns, as well as the beginnings of other feedback information.

February 2020

Community Discussions

A secretariat team supporting the work of the Steering Committee are proactively engaging with Parish Priests and Principals both on an individual and/or group basis on the matter of Governance of our schools. This process has already begun with visits to a number of Parish Priests and others have been planned.

As the Steering Committee needs to know what the Catholic education community is saying about the future governance of our schools, they are hoping that members of the education community can inform the secretariat team of issues that the Committee need to be aware of.

In this way the secretariat team will visit those concerned with a listening ear, so that individuals or groups of Parish Priests and Principals who may have suggestions that they want to express and talk through with someone can be heard. Whilst there are Regional Forums currently in place we also believe the personal touch of a visit may also be required in some instances.

The themes that appear below are gathered from a range of discussions.

November 2019

School governors and principals briefing