Key Documents

February 2021

Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools (MACS) Constitution

MACS Statement of Mission

November 2020

Signing the School Transition Agreement

Signing the RULBA

Working Together in Mission

October 2020

Common Areas Guideline

FAQs for Parish Councils

Parish Council STA RULBA Session Presentation

Steps toward the completion of the agreements

STA RULBA Session 1 PowerPoint

STA RULBA Session 2 PowerPoint

September 2020

Archbishop Peter’s letter to clergy

Information Pack


MACS constitution (old)

Statement of Mission

STA template

RULBA template

Parish School RFI template

Association of Parishes RFI template

Archdiocesan Schools RFI template

August 2020

Executive Summary

Position Paper

June 2020

Consultation Draft

March 2020

Threshold Issue 1: Catholicity

Threshold Issue 2: Governance, Leadership and Management

Threshold Issue 3: Incorporation

Threshold Issue 4: Assets Transfer

Timeline and Process: March Consultations

Governance Consultation meeting (Clergy and Principals) – March 2020

February 2020

School Governors and Principals Presentation

December 2019

Terms of Reference

Archbishop Peter’s letter

November 2019

Timeline: The rough road map

October 2019

Governance: School Governors and Principals briefing 2019

Survey on Issues: School Governors and Principals briefing

The Civil Context for School Governance Reforms: Regional Forums

A model of governance for Catholic schools: Regional Forums

Regional Governance Forums