March Consultation

Working with Threshold Issues

The 4 regional Governance Consultation days in March arise out of the work of the Steering Committee who have synthesised the responses from last year’s 12 consultation events to define seven Threshold issues.

The first four are foundational issues that require stakeholder engagement and discussion and have been worked into four Discussion Papers (below). The rest then, are operational, and as such, can be supported in their execution through the services of a Project Management Office (PMO).

Threshold Issue 1: Catholicity

Threshold Issue 2: Governance, Leadership and Management

Threshold Issue 3: Incorporation

Threshold Issue 4: Assets Transfer

In addition there is material from other contexts that provide useful background reading.

Melbourne – Horizons of Hope: Vision and Context (2016)

Brisbane – Collaborating for Mission: The Parish and The Catholic School (2014)

Process for the Clergy and Principal Governance Consultation sessions

Preparatory work before the March sessions:

The four Discussion Papers and additional material (available above) allow Parish Priests and Principals to acquaint themselves with the content prior to the March Clergy and Principal Governance Consultation sessions.

Opportunity for feedback is provided via the button below to contribute to questions of clarification on the papers, concerns, additions and any and new questions which you feel have not been addressed in the papers or in the FAQ on the website.

The response to these submissions will be bundled into themes and made available during the March Consultation days via a Gallery Walk at the venue of each meeting for all to see.


During the March sessions:

Parish Priests and Principals will consider the four Discussion Papers in groups focusing on each of the Threshold Issues and reporting back the key issues.


After the March sessions:

The key issues raised by Parish Priest and Principals will inform the translation of the Discussion Papers into a Position Paper. This in turn will be available for consultation in April.

Focus Groups:

The next step in the governance process is to form two focus groups to respond to and distil the feedback received following the March consultation sessions. An expression of interest form for membership of the focus groups is available below.


Supplementary material that looks at the fundamental wider issues of parish school relations and Catholicity.

Sydney – Catholic Parishes and Schools: A framework for Shared Mission (2018)

Vatican – The Catholic School (1977)

Vatican – The Catholic Schools on the Threshold of the Third Millennium (1997)

Vatican – Educating Together in Catholic Schools: A Shared Mission between Consecrated Persons and the Lay Faithful (2007)