Outline of Reform

Our journey together

The governance of Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Melbourne is moving forward on the governance reform project. This opportunity to enhance mission priorities presented by changes in government policy allows us to reframe those key relationships between parish and school for the formation of the students in our care. The information below outlines significant considerations in the reform process. 

Explore the civil context for school governance reforms outlined by Francis Moore, Executive Director Administration, Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne (CAM).

With legislative and compliance requirements rapidly becoming more complex for our schools, an unincorporated and sole‐person governance model is increasingly unviable.

Review a possible model of governance for Catholic schools is sketched by Jim Miles, Acting Executive Director, Catholic Education Melbourne (CEM).

The Steering Committee, supported by additional expertise, is working towards a model that will support good governance in the service of our mission. The Steering Committee, at this stage, is not committed to a final structure and will be consulting from October 2019 through to July 2020.

A new governance model is needed, one that seeks to:

  • allow the parish priest to focus on the mission of education in the parish
  • enhance the student outcomes for our schools
  • ease the administrative burden on our schools and parishes
  • meet the civil requirement for an incorporated body to be established.