SAC Forums

Establishing an SAC 

Forums will take place during Catholic Education Week 2021 beginning Tuesday 16 March, a symbolic acknowledgement of the changing journey our Mission has taken over 200 years.

Forums will unpack the 10 sections of the Terms of Reference(ToR) issued by the MACS Board for the purpose of supporting the work of the School Advisory Councils and how they have been designed as a structure upon which each of your schools will adapt to their local context.

The sessions also aim to articulate the important role in the governance framework of Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools (MACS) that School Advisory Councils play by providing each school community with a critical forum for parents and the involvement of the wider parish to which the school belongs.

A focus on the crucial role principals and priests (parish priests or canonical administrators) in establishing and nurturing School Advisory Councils so that they actively embed the life of the local Church in the life of each school.

Virtual Forums 

Due to the continuing fluctuating nature of potential COVID lockdowns these Forums will occur online using Zoom. Meetings will run for 30 minutes and will be conducted regionally and for interest groups to highlight the importance of working together to support the mission of the school.

Structured to take into consideration different needs of schools where a Board or Council has operated for many years and other contexts where experience is limited. 

There will be three types of meetings for: all Primary Schools, all Regional and Diocesan Colleges, an additional session for Primary Schools with no previous experience of running a Council/Board.


While organised regionally, to maximise choice please choose a session convenient to you. Please click on the link below which will take you to the Zoom page to register for the Forum of your choice.

For all Primary Schools – principals and parish priests

For all Regional and Diocesan Colleges– principals and canonical administrators

Additional for those Primary Schools that have never had a School Advisory body – principals and parish priests