SAC Modules

Available Modules

Activity Code Activity Name
SAC_2101 School Advisory Councils: A continuing tradition
SAC_2102 The key documents: Statement of Mission, Working Together in Mission Charter and Terms of Reference for School Advisory Councils
SAC_2103 First time School Advisory Council
SAC_2104 How to rollover a School Board/Council to the MACS Terms of Reference
SAC_2105 Explaining the MACS Terms of Reference for School Advisory Councils
SAC_2106 Role of Principals (ex officio)
SAC_2107 Role of Priests (ex officio)
SAC_2108 Role of Parents
SAC_2109 Role of Parishioners
SAC_2110 Role of Association of Canonical Administrators
SAC_2111 School Advisory Councils: Advisory in nature
SAC_2112 School Advisory Councils: Not a destination, but a journey

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