Survey Data

Establishment of School Advisory Councils 

In establishing School Advisory Councils across 290 schools, it is acknowledged that there will be various stages of experience, development and capability in operating such a body. It is a given that the establishment of School Advisory Councils across all schools is a process that will take up to 12 months in some communities.

A key strength of any education system is respect for leadership at the local level that, true to the principle of subsidiarity, allows decisions to be made at the right level by those most affected.

For this reason, local context is all important and key to the success of the growth of School Advisory Councils is that their work operates through this principle of subsidiarity

To support work in this area, principals have been asked to answer a brief survey of the current status of the school board or council.

With this data, tailored support can be provided especially for those schools where a School Advisory Council will be a new body.