Transition Documents

Transition Documents 

The following documents outline the essential elements of the transition process and present the key features of the model along with template copies of agreements. FAQ concerning the technical and specific details surrounding the agreements are available on the Transitions Process page.

The Recommendations approved by the Archbishop, along with the MACS constitution and its Statement of Mission, establish the foundation of the changes to come.


MACS constitution

Statement of Mission

Template copes of these agreements will be available during the week beginning Monday 21 September for your review on the Transition Documents page.

These two agreements – the School Transition Agreement (STA) and the Right to Use Land and Buildings Agreement (RULBA) – are important as they ensure continuity of government funding for our schools and provide a basis for the new company to be established and govern and operate the schools as planned.

Primary STA template

Primary RULBA template

Editable Schedule 2 RULBA attachment

Secondary STA template

Secondary RULBA template

Editable Schedule 2 RULBA attachment

Parochial administrator STA template

Parochial administrator RULBA template

Editable Schedule 2 RULBA attachment

The RFI templates presented here are examples of the agreements that will be utilised during the Request for Information (RFI) process which involves the completion of a form that requests the information necessary for the formation of MACS as it assumes responsibility for the operation of each school. Each school will receive their own tailored agreement prior to the RFI process beginning. These templates are provided for your information only.

Parish School RFI template

Association of Parishes RFI template

Archdiocesan Schools RFI template