Transition Process

Next Steps


Archbishop Peter’s September letter and Information Pack outlines the next steps. The process of transition for each school will take place over a six week period from beginning to end including time allocated for information sharing, consultation and completing the agreements. To spread the significant workload the process will be staggered across the Archdiocese in several groups. Starting a week apart, beginning with Group One in September and concluding with the final group in late October leading to the final agreements being completed to meet December deadlines.

Archbishop Peter’s letter to clergy

Information Pack

Further information will be shared in the coming weeks regarding the process for transitioning assets held by schools to the new corporate entity in a School Transition Agreement (STA). This will be the process for both parish schools and secondary schools owned by associations of parishes and the Archdiocese. The process will involve meetings and dialogue between the parish priest and representatives from the Archdiocese and from Catholic Education Melbourne to clarify issues and resolve concerns.

The process will also entail the development of a Right to Use Land and Buildings Agreement (RULBA) which will need to be negotiated with each parish priest and canonical administrator for secondary schools on a site by site basis. 

In addition schools, through the work of the principals and business managers, will be asked to complete a Request for Information (RFI) to provide information that is necessary as MACS assumes responsibility for the operation of each school. Further information about the RFI is available in a video on the on the Transition Documents page.

Template copies of these agreements will be available during the week beginning Monday 21 September for your review on the Transition Documents page.


These FAQs concern the technical and specific details surrounding the agreements and the transitions process.

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